Thursday, July 22, 2010

Product In-Depth: The Science of Vitamin C

Over the past several years, you may have come across research into something called free radicals and how they relate to the aging process. Free Radicals are molecules that are missing an electron in their outer rings, making them unstable. Because the free radical molecule is unstable, it will “steal” electrons from the nearby atoms in healthy cells, creating another free radical and setting off a cycle of free radical creation, which ultimately results in destruction of healthy cells and tissue.

We are exposed to these free radicals from things like UV rays, pollution, cigarette smoke and stress. Free radicals are thought to cause a number of skin conditions related to aging, including skin darkening, inflammation, and the breakdown of collagen and elastin – elements that make the skin plump and youthful. Years of exposure to free radicals causes our skin to show signs of aging. So what can you do to repair skin, and protect it from future damage?

Advancements and discoveries in modern skincare research has come up with a solution in the form of antioxidants.

Antioxidants are the heroes that come along to protect our skin from free radicals
– they have the potential to slow the signs of aging. As an antioxidant, L-ascorbic Acid (also known as vitamin C) has garnered serious attention. Research shows that it stimulates collagen production, while simultaneously working as an anti-inflammatory to speed up wound healing.

While drinking a glass of O.J. every day is certainly healthy, it alone will not be effective in the fight against the aging process. When ingested, a very small percentage of vitamin C actually reaches the skin. Topical application is preferred for maximum skin care benefits, and L-ascorbic Acid is the only form of vitamin C that penetrates the skin.

Start your skin care routine by applying topical vitamin C every morning for protection against free radical damage, and start seeing results in as little as 8-12 weeks.

Be sure to try one of our new Vitamin C serums by glotherapeutics to help your skin get the best source of Vitamin C for anti-aging benefits - available this fall from glotherapeutics on!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Exciting New Vitamin C products from glotherapeutics

glotherapeutics launches vitamin c serums collection to revitalize and protect skin: coming fall 2010!

glōtherapeutics, the skincare collection known for breakthrough-ingredients, high performance formulations, and a signature systematic approach to skincare, introduces an all new line of scientifically-proven Vitamin C serums to revitalize damaged skin and visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

This revolutionary new collection offers the most effective form of Vitamin C available, L-Ascorbic Acid, with breakthrough peptides to repair, strengthen, and protect skin cells resulting in a healthy, youthful-looking complexion.

Applying glōtherapeutics Vitamin C serums has enormous skin-rejuvenating and protecting benefits. As an antioxidant, Vitamin C:
  • finds and destroys reactive oxidizing agents and other free radicals
  • provides important protection against UV radiation damage
  • improves skin elasticity
  • decreases the appearance wrinkles by stimulating collagen production
  • reduces redness
  • promotes healing
  • suppresses pigmentation
The new Vitamin C serums are available in 7.5% Vitamin C Eye Gel, 10% Vitamin C, 15% Vitamin C, and Ultra 15% Vitamin C. Each serum contains Zinc Sulfate and L-Tyrosine. Zinc Sulfate is antibacterial and boosts the immune system at the cellular level, increases T-cells, accelerates the healing of wounds, and is essential for cell growth. Zinc is also partially responsible for collagenase, enzymes that break peptide bonds in aged collagen fibers so new collagen can be created. L-Tyrosine is one of the 20 amino acids used by cells to synthesize proteins. When combined with L-ascorbic acid, it encourages fibroblast activity to increase collagen production.

Other active ingredients in the glōtherapeutics Vitamin C serums include the cutting edge peptides of Inyline, Snap-8, Preventhelia and Longevicell which reduces the depth of wrinkles and protect against UV radiation as well as extracts that reinforce the skins elasticity.

Stay tuned to our beauty blog for additional in-depth information on these cutting-edge ingredients.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tricks of the Trade Photo-Ready Face

Whip up a perfect summer glo with this fresh-faced tip! While glominerals pressed base is one of our most popular base products due to its easy application, don't overlook the gorgeous finish that a our liquid foundation can deliver. If you are like me and shy away from liquid foundation because you're afraid it might be too heavy, try this technique and you'll be amazed at the light-as-a-feather look and feel that comes with the perfect application!

• gloProtective liquid foundation - Satin II
• gloMoist hydration mist (Use two pumps)
• glominerals texture brush
• Small glass bowl for mixing

Using the texture brush, mix gloProtective liquid foundation with 2 pumps of glōMoist hydration mist in the glass bowl.

Using the texture brush, give a light airbrushed application of the mixture. The whipped gloProtective liquid foundation - Satin II and gloMoist hydration mixture goes on like silk and offers a lovely satin, photo-ready finish!

I tried this with the gloSheer ting base bronzing gel and the overall result was just stunning! Use the same whipping technique with gloSheer tint base, the base bronzing gel or gloHighlighter for an extra gorgeous glo!

Visit to check out all the base basics products in the glominerals collection.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Colorado Sidebar: Climbing 14ers

As a transplant from the state of Ohio, I live in awe of the beautiful mountains surrounding us here at glo headquarters in Denver, CO every day. If you visit or move to Colorado and enjoy hiking, bagging a 14-er is almost a right of passage. A few weekends ago, I finally got to conquer MY first 14-er.

For those not familiar with the term, a "14-er" is a mountain exceeding 14,000 feet. Mount Bierstadt is one of Colorado’s most popular, and easiest fourteeners. Along with Mount Evans, Bierstadt is the closest 14'er to Denver. It’s not much more than an hour outside of Denver and the easiest route only requires a 3.25 mile, 2,391 foot ascent up a class 1 trail to reach the summit.

I have to say it was am absolutely gorgeous sunny day and with being at such a high altitude, sunscreen like glotherapeutics daily defense SPF 30+ was an absolute must. Additionally, I am not one to leave the house completely bare-faced, even when summiting a mountaintop! The recently launched glominerals water resistant mascara stayed on my lashes all day long, even during the middle of the hot afternoon. I would highly recommend this mascara to anyone, especially the outdoor/active types.

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, so I'll let the pictures speak the rest of the experience for themselves ...

View of the summit from the trailhead

Just starting to climb and the parking lot is getting pretty small.

The final ascent.

We made it!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Get your Shine on this Holiday Weekend!

Thd 4th of July is all about festivities - festive fireworks, festive parties, festive food/drinks and of course looking festive as well! Make sure you shine this weekend with perfectly glo-ing skin. glominerals has an entire collection of products for creating a perfect glo, no matter what your skin type.

gloShimmer brick :: Using your texture brush, swirl all four colors from the gloShimmer brick together and highlight cheekbones and collarbones. Using your eye base brush, add an extra swipe of the lightest shade over browbones for extra definition. Add a tiny amount of the same shade to the inner corners of your eyes with the mini crease brush for a finishing touch!

gloCheek sheen, peachy :: the all-new glominerals cheek sheen is ideal for on the go beauty, plus its formulation makes it perfect for any part of the face & body! Blend into cheekbones for a subtle sheen, or use over eyeshadow for additional dimension. Perfect for accentuating your shoulders or decollete.

gloBody bronzer :: Tanned legs naturally look longer, leaner and more toned. Enhance your own natural tan, or add subtle color and sheen with the gloBody bronzer.